About Restaurant Concepts

Restaurant where you can taste Japanese Beef

We use carefully selected " Japanese Beef ". In Toyooka, the number of customers from overseas has been increasing rapidly in recent years, and we are aiming for overseas customers to taste Japanese beef.

Enjoy your meal
with five senses

The best location to see Toyooka City from the summit. The view spreading out of the window steps the mind when entering the store one step. We will value the time and space you will spend with the space and service you feel the colors of the changing seasons. Of course, we have absolute confidence in the material of meat, we will provide you with satisfactory service.

A restaurant where you can choose the space
that suits your purpose

  • "Family Sky Room"

    Family zone where conversation bounces

    Family Sky Room Photo
  • "Lava Museum"

    Commitment Japanese beef zone

    Lava Museum Photo
  • "VIP Prestige Room"

    Upgraded VIP Zone

    VIP Prestige Room Photo

Enjoy your meal in the rooms of three different atmospheres and value the time you spend.
The basic concept is three faces (zones).